iClub9 offers you many options to make you feel like depositing withdrawals with us easily and conveniently. iClub9 provides you with high level of security. To ensure that All items, including your deposit and withdrawal items Will be as smooth as possible We can deposit money directly into your casino account as quickly as possible. If you have problems in processing the program Or have questions about our finances You can greet us via live chat at any time.
You can find out more about our banking system and see what works for you. Can be seen below:
Banking Option Transaction Limit (THB) Transaction Time
Minimum Maximum
ATM/CDM 100.00 300,000.00 5 Minutes
Online Transfer
ATM Online Transfer
Quick Withdrawal 250.00 300,000.00 15 Minutes
Local Bank Transfer 300,000.00 800,000.00 1 Day
  • Highest total Calculated from the amount per transaction per day.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions regarding local bank information.
  • All deposits must be made as 1 turn before funds can be withdrawn.
  • Please keep the bank slip or transaction reference number as evidence as we will request that evidence for the transaction.
  • Please attach a proof of deposit every time. And contact the admin In order to avoid delays in adjusting deposits.
  • We may ask to send documents to verify when funds are withdrawn. And withdrawing high amounts may take longer to process.
  • Withdrawals are only allowed for members whose information matches the information registered when registering with iClub9.
  • In the event that members request a bonus Members have to complete the turnover requirements first. So you can withdraw money
  • Express withdrawal limits the use of 1 transaction / 1 account / 1 day for supported banks only.
  • Withdrawals can be processed. Only when the bank information and the information of registered customers are the same. We do not allow members to make deposits. By using other people's bank account information that does not match the information of members registered with us.
Do you have any additional questions?
  • Before you make your first deposit to iClub9, we want to make sure you understand the deposit transaction for sure. Our service personnel are open to customers 24/7. Please call or email us if you have questions about us.